Custom Designed Jewelry
Custom Designed Jewelry

We please anyone from the artist with a funky streak to the engineer who demands balance, detail and symmetry. From the basic, well-known and widely-circulated catalog piece to whatever suits your whim of the moment, Plymouth Jewelry & Gifts can recreate, tweak, modify or build upon any idea or configuration you have, to create traditional and one-of-a-kind masterpieces you'll be glad to showcase. Rings, pendants, earrings and accent jewelry can be created to fit your mood, lifestyle and tastes. Imagine the possibilities!

When creating your custom piece, your involvement is key. After all this is your custom piece of jewelry and we want you to involved thru the entire process.

You start with a consultation with our designer. Details about what you like and dislike are discussed. What type of stones you like, what cut, and type of setting. Our designer listens and begins to render an illustration.

Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_sketch_side_view Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_sketch_front_view

The illustration is refined according to your comments and final details are decided upon. This is when you will decide on: number of stones, width, height and style of setting, and choice of metals. After all details are decided upon the illustration is updated for your approval.

Once the final illustration is approved by you, our designer begins work on your custom creation.

Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_wax_stage1 Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_wax_stage2 Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_wax_stage3 Plymouth-Jewelry_custom_wax_final

Stage I: Beginning wax block marked and scribed

Stage II: 25% - 30% complete shaped
for detail

Stage III: 75%
complete shaped
for detail

Stage IV: Complete wax ready for customer approval

Finished piece arrives, stones are set, metal is polished and cleaned and is ready for pick up.

Even at this point minor modifications can be made so that you are completely happy.

During the entire custom design and creation process you are encouraged to participate so that you are comfortable and pleased with the final results.

Contact us today about creating your one of a kind treasure.


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