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Since 1987, our commitment to excellence has never wavered. We are the area's most-trusted jeweler because our reputation rests on a foundation of outstanding customer satisfaction. Plymouth Jewelery and Gifts delivers solid, dependable advice, outstanding service and unparalleled creativity. Just ask the person who knows us.

Our specialties:
  • Custom design and manufacturing
  • Full-service repair
  • Realistic and comprehensive appraisals
  • Open and honest desire to make our clients comfortable

  • We can explain everything you need to know about diamonds, simply and effectively. Relax, we speak the language and would love to teach you, too! Stop in today...

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    Our store hours are:Tue & Wed - 10am-6pm , Thur & Fri - 10am-8pm, Sat - 10am-5pm


    From the traditional and classic solitaire to the diamond-accented engagement ring, Plymouth Jewelry & Gifts can create the perfect symbol of love and commitment right before your eyes. You need not settle for generic mall store designs. This, after all, is the most important ring you'll ever have. Our craftsmen are limited only by your dream! Consider a matching 2-piece engagement/wedding band or perhaps a very elaborate multi-stone micro-pave ring. We know the trends and can keep you in style.


    In the tradition of mens' jewelry, we offer a wide variety of wedding bands, including 14 karat white or yellow gold and platinum; for reasonable cost alternatives, Plymouth Jewelry & Gifts offers palladium, titanium and tungsten.

    Custom Design

    We please anyone from the artist with a funky streak to the engineer who demands balance, detail and symmetry. From the basic, well-known and widely-circulated catalog piece to whatever suits your whim of the moment, Plymouth Jewelry & Gifts can recreate, tweak, modify or build upon any idea or configuration you have, to create traditional and one-of-a-kind masterpieces you'll be glad to showcase. Rings, pendants, earrings and accent jewelry can be created to fit your mood, lifestyle and tastes. Imagine the possibilities!

    When creating your custom piece, your involvement is key. After all this is your custom piece of jewelry and we want you to involved thru the entire process.

    You start with a consultation with our designer. Details about what you like and dislike are discussed. What type of stones you like, what cut, and type of setting. Our designer listens and begins to render an illustration.

    custom sketch

    The illustration is refined according to your comments and final details are decided upon. This is when you will decide on: number of stones, width, height and style of setting, and choice of metals. After all details are decided upon the illustration is updated for your approval.

    custom sketch

    Once the final illustration is approved by you, our designer begins work on your custom creation.

    wax carving
    Stage I: Beginning wax block marked and scribed.
    wax carving
    Stage II: 25% - 30% complete shaped for detail.
    wax carving
    Stage III: 75% complete shaped for detail.
    wax carving
    Stage IV: Complete wax ready for customer approval.

    Finished piece arrives, stones are set, metal is polished and cleaned and is ready for pick up.

    Even at this point minor modifications can be made so that you are completely happy.

    During the entire custom design and creation process you are encouraged to participate so that you are comfortable and pleased with the final results.

    Contact us today about creating your one of a kind treasure.

    custom piece


    Whether it be for everyday casual, dressed as a professional at work, to a formal affair or wedding. Diamonds are always appropriate. We have a full line of diamond earrings, pendants, braclets and rings of all types and descriptions. The most precious of all gemstones, diamonds are forever.

    We carry a wide variety of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes, including round, princess cut, cushion, radiant, oval, emerald cut, asscher cut, marquise and pear shaped. We also offer a complete and comprehensive diamond education and understanding. We can explain everything you need to know about diamonds, simply and effectively. It is very important to us that you are completely comfortable with your purchase decisions.

    Please take a minnute to look at the different areas of diamond jewelry. If you are looking for that special engagement or anniversary ring, please click HERE.
    diamond define
    diamond define
    Diamond rings, in most cases are thought of as engagement or bridal style items. Perhaps a wedding band or anniversary band. However casual diamond rings, "right hand" rings, are still very popular.

    They are a celebration of life's achievements as well as a simple and seductive fashion statement. Unlike the left hand ring to signify your commitment to love and marriage, only purchased by your significant other. The right hand ring is purchased simply because you love it.

    Weather it is to be "In Style" or just to celebrate your individual style, there is a special ring here just for you. Unique styles and vast possibilities exist in this category. Stop by or call today.
    Diamond earrings are perhaps the most popular gift item in the industry, timeless, elegant and firery. The recipeint always feels special when wearing diamonds.

    All shapes and sizes, available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. From the classic studs to the intrigueing inside-out hoops, huggies, strips and channels. We carry all the popular styles.

    Weather your after simple elegance or to create a bold fashion statement, diamond earrings will always hit the mark. Unique styles and vast possibilities exist, stop by or call today.
    Diamond pendants of unique style are one of our many specialties. From the simple classic to the most modern design, the diamond pendant or necklace has endless possibilities.

    As always a diamond necklace or pendant is available in any color gold as well as platinum. Any diamond size, shape or quantity.

    Whatever your taste may be, a diamond necklace or pendant is sure to please. Be sure to check out our photo gallery to view some of the possibilities.

    Unique styles and unlimited possibilities exist, stop by or call today.
    Today's diamond bracelet variety is truly incredible, so many combinations of carat weights and qualities, designs and subtleties. Certainly not just the classic "tennis bracelet", however this remains an all time classic and one of the most sought after items of any fine jewelry lover.

    Just lik all our other diamond jewelry, bracelets are available with diamonds in all cuts and sizes, and available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

    Many styles and possibilities exist. Be sure to check out our photo gallery to view just some of these styles and combinations. Please stop in or call when your ready for your next stylish must have gift.

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